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Governance Structure

Governance Structure

If you are interested in joining the GMLT, please contact the academy today.


  • Justin Kelly
  • Patrick Johnson
  • John McNerney
  • Richard Pearce
  • Vicky Rosin

None should be Trustees other than by invitation.

Board of Trustees

  • Suzannah Reeves M
  • Emma Caulfield C
  • Carol Culley M
  • Simon Ferris C
  • Liz Franey M
  • Bushra Jamil M
  • Simon Keogh C
  • Tom McDonald M
  • Mark Welsby C
  • Executive Principal M
  • Rob Ford M

Janet Marland (Associate)

DoF – Company Secretary (Associate)

M= Member Appointed = majority

C= Coopted

Quorum 50% of membership

Finance and Audit Committee

  • Carol Culley
  • Simon Ferris
  • Simon Keogh
  • Tom McDonald
  • Suzannah Reeves
  • Mark Welsby

Executive Principal

Director of Finance

Headteacher PWHS

Quorum 3

Pay and Personnel Committee

  • Bushra Jamil
  • Suzannah Reeves
  • Mark Welsby
  • Executive Principal

Headteacher PWHS to attend

Growth Committee

  • Liz Franey
  • Tom McDonald
  • Suzannah Reeves
  • Executive Principal

Local Governing Body

  • Emma Caulfield (P)
  • Abigail Sterne
  • Deborah Roussak (P)
  • Kevin Corteen
  • David Midgeley (S)
  • Jason Dobson
  • Francis Markus

+ Headteacher PWHS (ex-officio)

Executive Principal to attend

Quorum 50% of membership